Accounting, Tax and Advisory Services so you can see your way forward.

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We obsess over our customer's success.  With over twenty years experience in accounting, tax and advisory services, we feel your pain.  We know how frustrating it can be to not have a clear view of your financial future.  We've saved our customers hundreds of hours on the administrative side of their businesses so that they can spend more time enjoying it.  Love your business again.


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Our customers no longer worry about...

  • Confusion about the tax law

  • Drowning in paperwork

  • Lacking a clear view of their financial future

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Take action and...

  • Get a knowledgeable tax consultant

  • Get help organizing your accounting data

  • Get an advisor to help you stake out your financial future.

Three Easy Steps

Let's Move Forward


Schedule a Meeting

Meet with Lakeesha so she can get to know you and help define where you want to go.


Let's Create a Custom Package

Together, we'll create a specific plan to achieve your goals.


Get Results

Succeed stress-free at your financial endeavor or core business.

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“L. V. Browne's consultation helped me to plan how to best structure my new business.  The guidance and support provided enabled me to see a clear path forward. "

— Nyasha, Owner, Extend Leadership, Inc.

Ms. Browne was thorough, patient, and efficient throughout the process. With her commitment to excellence, our application was completed, professionally packaged and submitted to the IRS. Our tax goal was achieved in a timely manner. "

— Janet, CEO, Segue Living Center

What people say...

Our Philosophy

Accounting, Tax and Advisory Services So You Can See Your Way Forward

At L. V. Browne, CPA, we know you are the type of person who wants to be organized and clear about your financial future.  In order to do this, you need a financial consultant who can remove your administrative burden and help you develop goals.  The problem is many small business owners spend too much time on administrative tasks and not enough on the core of their business.  L. V. Browne, CPA can take care of your administrative tasks, freeing you to focus on the crux of your business or financial endeavor. 

We believe spending too much time on the peripherals takes away from the productivity of your business.  We understand your need to be productive.  That's why we do more than crunch numbers, but are a financial advisor for your business. 

Here's how it works:  schedule an appointment so we can get to know you and your business and assess your needs, we will come up with a comprehensive plan for services to fit your budget and you can be on your way to building your financial future.  So contact us today and stop spending too much time on administrative details and start loving your business again.

Frequently Asked Questions

“Is it expensive?"

We'll work within your budget.  Gaining clarity and freedom will be worth it.

“Will it work for me?"

We've worked with numerous types of clients who love us and say so often.

“What happens if it doesn't work for me?"

You'll be able to review our work at every stage and you will not pay until you are satisfied.

“Is the quality good?"

I am a CPA with over 20 years experience helping clients like you get organized and see their way into a successful financial future.

“Is the process going to take long?"

We will come up with a timeframe that fits your goals.